I believe that your beauty routine shouldn't be toxic...

And that's why I have spent months researching and looking for beauty products that are clean, beautiful, and simple. After spending time researching and testing out different products, I discovered Beauty Counter. 

Beauty Counter is focused on getting safer products into the hands of everyone. 

Not only do they ban over 1500 chemicals from their products, they take action with the government in order to change policy and make stricter regulations for the beauty and skincare industry. 

As you'll see in my Manifesto, here at Rachel Allene Wellness, I believe that health extends beyond what food you eat and how long you exercise. It involves the entire person, family, home, and routine. And most people forget about choosing wellness for their skin, when in actuality, it's your body's largest organ and soaks up everything you put on it. 

If you're looking for what my favorite Beauty Counter products are, you can find them here. 

If you want to start using Beauty Counter, but have some questions, shoot me an email at wellness@rachelallene.com!