When it comes it to fitness, we believe... 

that the secret lies in finding something that you love. if you don't get excited about it, you won't make time for it. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, which means that there's not a wrong way to do it either. 

Stuck on what fitness is right for you?

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My Favorite Online Fitness Platforms

Tone It Up

Why I love it: the creators of Tone It Up are entrepreneurs at heart and on a mission to empower women to love their bodies and seek wellness. They are a magnetic duo and always offering a wide range of content and resources.

Where to access it: ToneItUp.com

Cost: they have a variety of free videos and resources, but also have a monthly subscription to an app ($12.99 per month) and a Nutrition Program (one time payment of $150)

Barre 3

Why I love it: this is the current workout I am doing in addition to walking and running. It's the first exercise that I've ever loved this much and actually seen physical results. There is a big focus on tuning into your body, but also pushing yourself.

Where to access: barre3.com

Cost: $29/month

The Balanced Life Sisterhood

Why I love it: This a Pilates-inspired wellness program and Robin Long is the woman in charge! She's personal, honest, vulnerable, and offers a manageable approach to wellness and exercise.

Where to access: thebalancedlifeonline.com/

Cost: she hosts various free challenges throughout the year and opens up Membership from time to for her monthly membership (price unknown)

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