Our Health Manifesto

We believe that wellness involves the entire person. In order to prioritize wellness, you have to prioritize your entire self.

This includes not only your nutritional and physical health, but emotional, spiritual, and personal health.



We believe that wellness shouldn’t be a chore and the choices you make should fit into your life.

We believe that when you choose wellness, you choose to invest in your life. And that always has a good return on investment.

We believe that if you want to pursue wellness in your life, you are able to live fully in the way you were created to live.

We believe that food and exercise is not a form of punishment, but rather a way to nourish and fuel your body and soul.

We believe that there’s no such thing as “cheating” or having a “bad day.” You know your body best and what it needs at the time.


We believe that wellness can be achieved by living a life that includes kale and french fries.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle includes caring for others, making time for self care, and getting plenty of rest.

We believe that it takes grit and determination and wellness doesn’t just happen “one day” in the future.

We believe that wellness not only includes what food we eat and how we move our bodies, but it also includes what products we put on our skin and in our homes.

We believe that God created the earth with everything we needed, so synthetic foods and chemicals aren’t needed.

We believe that your health is up to you and you have the privilege and gift to have a body to take care of.

We believe that while a healthy lifestyle takes determination, it also doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you want to see changes in your life, it’s possible to make it happen.