My Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

Like most things that you’ll find on this site, we are “mostly” crunchy over here. We aren’t 100% anything. We are mostly healthy but we love french fries and chocolate cake. We love non-toxic products but I still use Secret deodorant right now because I CANNOT find a good natural one (this is not a cry for suggestions, though :)) We care about the environment, but we flew all over this past year. And if you didn’t know, that’s like the WORST thing for your carbon footprint. Have I lost you? What I am getting at is this:  we use oils, but we do not live and die by them. Sorry. But when we use them, I love them! Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what I use and how I use them.

Lemon: I love to use Lemon oil in the diffuser to cleanse the air and just brighten up my mood. It’s bright smell and “light” feel it brings to the room is always lovely. This past summer there were a lot of wildfires in our region, so I would diffuse Lemon oil in the house to make the air feel cleaner indoors.

Thieves: this is my go-to oil for any and all illnesses. When anyone is sick, I diffuse it in the house. When I feel myself getting sick, I apply it to my feet with a carrier oil at night. If I end up actually getting sick (often times, if I catch it early enough and start using Thieves, I don’t get sick), I put it on my feet until I am better. It speeds up the process of getting healthier.

Lavender: I love to use Lavender all the time. I can often wake up feeling stressed or anxious, so it’s a great oil to diffuse to help calm my mood. But, I like to diffuse it in Knox’s room if we are going through a sleep regression or he’s not napping well. It’s an overall great oil to have around the home! I will sometimes put it on my feet or diffuse it in our room if I am having trouble sleeping.

Gentle Baby: I used this a lot more when Knox was younger! This was my “catch-all” oil if we were having a tough day or Knox was extra fussy. I would put some on his Snuggle Me or clothing or diffuse it in the house.

Copaiba: I swear by this for teething!! I put a little bit of diluted oil on his gums and it worked immediately!!! I swear, it’s magical!

Peppermint: this oil is a staple in our house during cold season. It helps with decongestion, so whenever we have stuffy noses or are coming out of a cold, but still dealing with congestion, I diffuse this oil. If the congestion is really bad, I will rub it on my chest with come coconut oil.

There are a plethora of oils to choose from and sometimes I can feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices!! I am by NO means an expert of these things, so there are definitely more uses for the above oils. But, if you’re like me and want to use them here and there, these are simple and easy ways to use them.

I remember when I was just starting out with oils and I felt like I had NO idea what to do.

I knew I wanted to use them, but I had no idea how! I wish someone had this type of easy-to-digest list for me when I was starting with oils. So, I hope it’s helpful for you!

I love and use Young Living oils.

Do you have a favorite oil that I didn’t mention? I always love learning about new oils to try, so comment and let me know what you love using!!