My Fitness Routine

Over the years, my workout routine and schedule has changed multiple times. At times I was training for a marathon, or lifting heavy weights, or doing Pilates. I love a lot of different types of exercise and different routines have fit into my life at different times. At this point in my life, I am actually working out the least amount I have in the past 6 years, but I am also the healthiest and most balanced I’ve been.


So, it works perfectly for me right now!

Every week changes a bit, so the days I do the specific workouts change. But, here’s a overview of what I do weekly:

  • 3 runs (sometimes 4 but not usually)

  • 4 walks (I walk on the days I don’t run)

  • 3-4 Barre3 Videos

  • A few bike rides if possible!

An example of how this might play out:

Monday: walk 60 minutes, 30 minutes Barre3 when my husband gets home

Tuesday: run 35 minutes

Wednesday: Walk 60 minutes, 30 minutes of Barre3 or bike ride after Joel gets home from work

Thursday: Walk 60 minutes

Friday: Run 35 minutes, Barre3 after Joel gets home from work

Saturday: Walk 60 minutes, 30-60 minutes Barre3

Sunday: Run 30-45 minutes


The days I choose to do the certain exercise are based off of when my husband gets home from work and morning schedule for Knox and I. This is not exactly what I do every week, but it’s pretty close.

For me, walks are a non-negotiable. I have to get outside every morning. I am a better mom and person because of it. We are lucky enough to be able to walk out our front door and go for a walk because we live near a huge park.

I also must say that I love to move my body. I enjoy it. I have found a routine that I love. And I want to go for my runs and do my Barre3 workouts.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to take the “Find Your Fitness Fit” quiz! This quiz was designed to help you figure out what type of workout best fits your life and preferences. Take the quiz here.

Three tips to find a routine and stick to it:

  • Try something new: If you are wanting to increase your fitness or find something that you don’t dread doing, try something new! You might be surprised by how much you love it. I never knew how much I would love Barre3 until I tried it and found a workout that I want to do for the rest of my life. My sisters are also addicted to it.

  • Find accountability: I am always more likely to follow through with a workout plan if I’ve told someone that I am going to do it. Or, if I plan to go for a run with someone, I can’t just cancel last minute. So, if you seem to forget your workouts or cancel last minute, find someone to keep you accountable. Find a buddy. Find a person who will text you if you don’t show up at the gym.

  • Schedule it and don’t break your promise: you wouldn’t skip a doctor’s appointment or a meeting that’s on your calendar, so put your workouts on your calendar. Schedule them in. Plan it out. My schedule is always in flux, so I typically plan ahead for the coming week. You don’t have to create a plan that lasts forever! Just plan out a few days in advance so you are prepared and can make the time for it.


Happy fitness-ing!